We are a group of thirty-eight women and two men who organize one major fundraising event each year.  GALA is an elegant event that brings supporters of the arts together for an enjoyable evening of charity. The night entails silent auction bidding, raffle ticket drawings, beautiful art and an energetic live auction.

In 2017 the Burlington Fine Arts League raised over $60,000 at the GALA for distribution in 2018. In the past year more than $20,000 has been awarded as scholarships to students from all over the Des Moines County area. We also contributed over $30,000 to art related organizations, events and school activities. The Fine Arts League takes great pride in investing in our community's effort to maintain and expand the arts. 100% of the money raised by the Burlington Fine Arts League is donated back to the community


History of the League Incorporated in 1971, the Burlington Fine Arts League’s initial Board of Directors were five women. They were:

Mrs. Paul Kuenzle
Mrs. W.S. Gardner
Mrs. Warren Churchill
Mrs. R.K. Burrus
Mrs. David Burrus

Fundraising started in 1974 with an event called the “Fine Arts Frolics”. This was a dance, dinner and auction of donated items and purchased items.
In 1977, the first “GALA” (Grand Auction for the Living Arts) event was held and it raised $10,000.

Its proceeds went to the following organizations:

BAAC Bel Canto Chorale
Burlington Art Guild
Civic Music
Des Moines County Historical Society
Player’s Workshop

Our Mission

The Burlington Fine Arts League is organized to support and promote the arts in Des Moines County. The League provides financial support through scholarships and by contributions to arts-related projects of local organizations.

It is the expressed mission of the Burlington Fine Arts League members to insure the arts for the future of our community through our personal involvement and financial support of area arts-related organizations, thereby assuring the preservation of the arts and history of the past.



GUIDELINES FOR MEMBERSHIP All BFAL members are required to do the

1. Attend four (4) meetings within a period of one year

• Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month with some exceptions, set at the discretion of the executive board.

• If you are unable to attend the minimum of four meetings in one year, you must write a letter to the President explaining your situation/circumstances (this letter must be updated on a yearly basis). All members who are unable to attend a meeting will receive minutes and treasurers report on a monthly basis.

2. Participate in GALA
• Sell tickets

• Serve on a GALA committee

• Donate a service or item ($100 minimum value)

• Assist with GALA set-up and tear-down

• Attend and help at GALA

3. Serve on a non-GALA committee
• Committees include:
Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Past President); Nominating Committee; Projects Committee; Scholarship Committee; Membership Committee; Telephone Committee; Webmaster; Publicity; Historian; Associate Committee; By-Laws Committee

4. Pay annual dues
• Payable prior to the upcoming GALA
• Dues cover the cost of your and spouse’s GALA ticket as well as help with BFAL operational costs
5. Associate Status
•After completing a full five (5) years of active membership, you may be eligible to transfer to Associate status. A letter of request must be submitted to the President and approval is necessary. You will then be responsible for paying a lower rate of dues, you will get one ticket to GALA for yourself and you will be invited to the Associate luncheon in the spring.
Contact current Presidents Michelle AbouAssaly and Jan Daft if you are interested in joining the Burlington Fine Arts League.
Email: contact@burlingtonfineartsleague.com

Current Members 2019

Michelle AbouAssaly  
Andrea Bowen
Jan Daft   
Rhonda Frevert  
Lindsay Fruehling  
Jerilyn Horn
Sierra Huggins
Lindsey Johnson
Terry Johnson
Michelle Kirkham
Kim Korschgen
Kelli Lundgren
Amanda Mansheim
April Marlow

Tammy McCoy
Kim Meyer
Stacey Mueller-Gerling
Tony Onesto
Ann Peters
Wendi Riggens-Miller
Suzanne Sorensen
Cindy Spear
Sara Sliwinski
Theresa Thielen
Lisa Walsh


Associate Members 2019 (Updated List to Come)

Cynthia Becker
Carol Benne
Debbie Bessine
Amanda Brent
Marianna Brinck
Terri Brinck
Judy Brueck
Liz Buhmeyer
Annette Bybee
Kristen Christ
Monika Coursey
Lynn Coffin
Marianne Darnall
Pam Daws
Jeanne Deery
Gretchen Delaney
Anita Fleming
Ruth Gaudian
Mary Ann Grinde
Sarah Haas
Karen Hassel
Billie Beth Hays
Tammy Hayes
Dawn Hazell
Sandra Heagle
Jill Henrich
Lisa Hunter
Debbie Jochims


Mindy Johnson
Maryann Jordahl
Jennifer Klever-Kirkman
Cheryl Krogull
Caroline Massner
Janet McCannon
Connie McManis
Barbara McRoberts
Gretchen Miller
Rhonda Miller
Susan Moss
Kathy Nunn
Bobbie Peterson
Carol Peugh
Linda Phillips
Susan Ploeger
Joanne Prugh
Yongei Reif
Liz Rich
Lois Rigdon
Linda Riley
Becky Rump
Becky Sherwood
Kaye Sladky
Susan Tjaden
Francesca To
Jorie Tonkinson
Lori Upton
Ashley Whipple
Nina Zaiser




P.O. Box 243
Burlington, IA  52601
Email: contact@Burlingtonfineartsleague.com