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Alex Carey
The Riverfront, 30x48 (metal print)
Stunning aerial view of the newly completed Riverfront project, the familiar "H" bridge in the background, and a lone boat traversing the waters of the Mighty Mississippi.

Carey was our 2016 Featured Artist.



Margaret will unveil her GALA Art the evening of the auction. For more information please click on FEATURED ARTSIT


David Garrison
Burlington River Front, 20x35 (painting)
“I want the viewer to see the use of the medium, the end of the brush stroke, the spontaneity, the freshness of a new painting. If I can give the viewer an impression of the atmosphere, a sense of light and deep shadows, if I can just open their eyes to the simple beauty around us, then I have accomplished a great deal.”

Garrison was our 2009 Featured Artist.


James Walker Henry
End of the Rainbow, 24x36 (painting)
This year, Henry wanted to get away from the traditional image of Burlington, so, he thought of doing a painting of downtown Burlington with an explosion of color! While our town will change from time to time (even with color), the image of what we love about Burlington will always stay in our hearts.
Henry was our 2012 Featured Artist.



Ken Reif
Meditate, 24x48 (painting)
“I believe artwork and its process to be a very meditative adventure. This painting is renewable energy, the desired effect is to allow a meditative state and leave you with a renewed good feeling, much like listening to your favorite music.”
Reif was our 2017 Featured Artist.

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SILENT Auction

Artists Are in Alphabetical Order


Vintage framed print of D. Bied’s 1963 Snake Alley



Mary Birdsell - Trendsetter, 24x36


Emily Bolander - Burlington Landscape, acrylic on canvas


Aaron Brunsell - Mixed Media Crapo Collection - Framed Print, Handmade Arrow Head necklace, Leopold Oak Photo Transfer Wall Hanging


Liz Buhmeyer (BFAL Associate) - The Appolusas, 16x20 Photograph on Canvas

Burlington Memorabilia

Framed collection of antique Burlington memorabilia, including pieces from the Burlington Pearl Button Co, Steamboat Days, the railroad, Crapo Park, and other memorable Burlington businesses.


Tiffany Conrad - Burlington Landscape, mixed media painting


Jason Dains – Big Squid (From Hell), 24x36 Oil Pastel


Selena Hamilton - Burlington Landscape, oil pastel



Jen Koch - Tuscan Evening, 18x36


Anatole Krasnyansky, Street of Old Prague, 24x29" Seriolithograph in color on woven paper (Donated by Barbara McRoberts, BFAL Associate)


Heath McPherson- Traffic on the H Bridge, 24x36 Photograph on Canvas

Ocean Sage

Heart of the Ocean
Inspired by the awe-striking treasure from the Titanic, this Heart of the Ocean pendant is a mesmerizing treasure every girl must own. Crafted from sterling silver, this one of a kind Swarovski Pendant measures 47mm. #22
Ocean Sage


Emily Stultz - Burlington Landscape, mixed media drawingTiffany Conrad - Burlington Landscape, mixed media painting


Sean Walker - Reflection of the Mind, 24x36


Lauren Wilson - Burlington Landscape, acrylic on canvas paper


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