Alex Carey

Alex Carey

GALA 2016

Featured Artist

Alex Carey was born in Macomb, Illinois and spent his early years growing up in LaHarpe, Illinois. After his father accepted a job at the USG plant in Sperry, his family relocated to Mediapolis Iowa; he graduated from Mediapolis High School in 2005. After high school, Alex attended Southeastern Community College majoring in auto collision repair. While at SCC, he discovered his love for art. Whether it was doing a custom paint job on a vehicle or drawing in John Bybee's art class, art was something he enjoyed doing. After college, Alex was hired at Siemens Energy Inc. in Ft Madison, where he currently holds a team lead position. However, his passion for art never went away.

Armed with only a cell phone, Alex enjoyed taking pictures. Then, after moving to Burlington in 2009, he found the popular Facebook group, Pictures of Burlington; he joined the group admiring the amazing photos posted daily by local photographers.

alex Carey

One day at work a co-worker brought in his quad-copter, popularly known as a "drone." Alex was instantly hooked and had to have one. After purchasing the drone, Alex posted a few of his photos to the Pictures of Burlington Facebook group. Almost immediately viewers began to notice him. Unexpectedly, Alex started receiving messages about purchasing his photos.

Alex then got the idea to start his own Facebook page; thus, Alex Carey Images was born. The Hawk Eye Newspaper picked up on the likeness of his photos and did a feature in a Sunday edition.

Alex's recent success is reflected in his awards received at the Snake Alley Art Fair. He won first place in the photography category, and also received the People's Choice Award by popular vote. Recently, Alex has worked with realtors in the area photographing homes that are soon to go on the market.


Since Alex enjoys doing long exposure night photos, he didn't have to look far for inspiration for his featured piece. The featured photograph was taken at the Burlington riverfront, north of Big Muddy’s dock, during a summer storm. He believes it's his best photo to date. Alex also donates a silent auction photograph of downtown Burlington taken from his high definition flying camera.

Alex wishes to thank everyone involved in the 2016 GALA, and he is humbled by the opportunity to be the 2016 featured artist.